Inceptua Group: Patient- and Customer-centric Clinical Trial Services

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Inceptua Group: Patient- and Customer-centric Clinical Trial Services

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Kay-Christian Karstadt, EVP Global Expansion/EVP Clinical Services, Inceptua GroupKay-Christian Karstadt, EVP Global Expansion/EVP Clinical Services
New drug research and development encounter rising costs and complexity of clinical research management. Unimpeded by these challenges, Inceptua Group, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Luxembourg, is intuitively enhancing clinical trial management through their patient- and customer-centric work. With over 20 years of clinical trial industry experience, the company serves as a next-generation partner to pharma, biotech, and healthcare industries through clinical trials services, early access programs, and commercialization of products. Inceptua provides its clients with premium solutions at every step of the drug product lifecycle, from clinical development, pre-licensing, and licensing, to commercial launch, and support with consulting services and operational execution.

Drug developers preparing for clinical trials require access to the necessary clinical trial medication, including comparators and Non-Investigational Medicinal Products (NIMPs), where and when patients need them. Catering to their needs, Inceptua provides a comprehensive, strategic sourcing plan and a supply chain strategy, supply of clinical trial materials, and clinical manufacturing services to support the respective needs of different trial sponsors. The company’s global logistics and distribution network allows them to operate seamlessly worldwide and ensure supplies reliably reach trial sites on time.

In addition to their Clinical Trial Services operations, Inceptua also works with biotech and pharma companies of all sizes to design access programs. “Our experts have implemented over 200 access programs across all stages of the drug lifecycle and supported healthcare professionals across the globe in accessing critical treatments for patients in need. We work across the full product lifecycle to help critical treatments reach patients in need,” says Kay-Christian Karstadt, EVP Global Expansion/EVP Clinical Services, Inceptua Group. The company has experience in the implementation of pre-approval access programs for medicines still in clinical development, and unlicensed medicines access programs providing access to medicines post first approval in countries where they are not commercially available.

We work across the full product lifecycle to help critical treatments reach patients in need

“Inceptua drives access to treatments for patients in need worldwide,” states Kay. Their international reach and local presence offer a personalized approach to providing insights and solutions, facilitating fool-proof clinical trials management.

The company also provides consulting services to help formulate the access policy of manufacturers and a range of distribution solutions, globally. Moreover, irrespective of service and location, Inceptua is driven to deliver high-quality products and services in compliance with regulatory standards.

In terms of manpower, “We believe that hiring the right people with the right values is critical to our mission: ‘Helping pharma. Helping Patients,’ says Kay highlighting the company’s beneficent mission to truly help parties on both sides of the doctor’s table. The company’s workforce is their strongest asset bringing in a diverse range of abilities, skills, and experience which bolsters Inceptua ahead of their competition in the clinical trial market. Their services effectively safeguard pharma, biotech, and healthcare companies from modern-day complexities of clinical research and development of new drugs.

A growing market for clinical trials and research, and a specific focus for Inceptua is Asia, where the company has had a footprint since launching a Japan office in 2010. Beyond Japan’s outstanding research and development in Asia, other regions have also evolved and set a benchmark in drug discovery such as South Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore. China is supporting aggressive drug innovation and education while South Korea is making a name for itself with its API development and as a biotech hub. “Inceptua has a specialized team for supporting Asia, and the company is expanding their capabilities in the region,” says Kay.

Inceptua’s work is driven by an understanding of the industry’s needs and delivered with compassion for patients. All the way from early-phase clinical trials, to pre-registration services, and full commercialization, Inceptua is enabling pharma and biotech companies to navigate the complexities of healthcare systems. “Our aim is to maximize access to treatments for patients in need, whilst ensuring we are working to the highest standards in the industry,” concludes Kay.
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Inceptua Group

Luxembourg, LUX

Kay-Christian Karstadt, EVP Global Expansion/EVP Clinical Services

Inceptua Group, formerly Multipharma, brought Clinical Trial Services, Medicines Access, and Inceptua Pharma, its three core business units, under a unified brand name, reflecting the breadth of the Group’s abilities and its role as a service partner and pharma company. It focuses on providing medication for named patient programs, delivering products and services for clinical trials, along with, Medicines Access, closely followed by the launch of Commercial Products. These advances position the Inceptua as a strategic partner for pharma companies as they navigate the complexities of healthcare systems and markets from clinical trials to commercialization